Our safe energy future is renewable not radioactive



WA is at a crossroads. This election we are faced with an important decision, one with implications that will last much longer than any politician’s promise.

Right now WA has no uranium mines, but the state government is subsidizing uranium exploration across the state, and one project, Toro Energy’s proposed Wiluna uranium mine already has some preliminary approvals in place.

The political candidates that we elect to form Government in March 2013 will decide whether the State Government will give final approvals for the Toro uranium mine and other uranium projects under development.

By supporting candidates who support a nuclear-free future, we can all make a difference.

Keeping Western Australia’s uranium in the ground is the only way to be sure that our outback country is not contaminated by radioactive mine tailings, our uranium does not end up in nuclear weapons, our workers are not exposed to health risks, and our highways and ports don’t become pathways for transporting toxic materials through our communities.

Take action now and tell your political candidates that WA’s future is renewable not radioactive.

Your voice can make the difference.


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