WA Uranium

There are 45 uranium exploration projects in WA right now. There are 5 uranium mine applications and one uranium proposal which is progressing. 

Toro Energy Ltd have proposed a uranium mine at Lake Way – Wiluna.  This is the most advanced project in WA and is an example of poor process, flawed regulation, dodgy mining practice, bad consultation and how the nuclear industry disproportionately affects Aboriginal Communities. 

There are no ports in WA that are licensed to export uranium. This means that uranium could be transported on our roads, across State borders to South Australia and the Northern Territory for export. It’s a lot of road and a lot of communities at risk.

West Australians have been opposed to uranium mining for good reason. On a good day it becomes radioactive mine waste here at home, or radioactive waste overseas, on a bad day it becomes radioactive fall out – like we saw at Hiroshima and Fukushima. The uranium used at Fukushima was from Olympic Dam in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

This election we need to decide whether WA will be implicated in future disasters here at home and overseas.

For more information on uranium mining in WA visit 


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