We are in the process of finding and writing to all the Independent candidates running in the WA 2013 State election. If you have information on Candidates please write to us and let us know.

Independent Candidates for the 2013 WA State Election: When we asked candidates about their position on uranium mining this was their response… 

Independent Candidates  – Legislative Assembly – House of Representatives – lower house Name Response Vote for a nuclear free WA?
Alfred Cove Ms Janet Wollard
Balcatta Mubarak Kim Kidima
Balcatta Joe Ruzzi
Bunbury Lui Alfa Canedoli
Cannington Mark Harrington
Central Wheatbelt Gerald Sturman
Churchlands Kevin Morgan
Churchlands Wayne Monks
Churchlands Jim Bivoltsis If elected, as a general rule I will be guided by the wishes of the Churchlands electorate as thier representative. As a local community we are looking for safer and less costly energy sources. Renewable energy would fit this objective. As a world community we are facing increasing population growth putting pressure on the earth resources. Nuclear power is a source currently in place in some economies. Ideally this is an issue we need to be mature about and debate as a world community.
Churchlands Elizabeth Re As a City of Stirling Councillor I put forward a motion to prevent nuclear waste traffic through our boundaries years agoSo I am very supportive of renewable energy not uranium mining and nuclear power
Cottesloe Derek Rosborough Opposed to uranium mining
Dawesville Dave Schumacher
Fremantle Ms Adele Carles Vehemently opposed to uranium mining
Fremantle Jan Ter Horst
Gosnells Debbie Butler
Gosnells Chris Fernandez
Kalamunda Greg Ross I’m campaigning on a very targeted platform of providing the electors of Kalamunda with real representation. I will truly represent them (as a majority) in carrying out their wishes, rather than my personal beliefs.
Kalamunda Geoff Stallard
Kimberley Rod Oglivie
Kwinana Carol Adams
Mandurah John Hughes I have always voted no regarding uranium mining, I was the one who moved that Mandurah become a nuclear free zone while on the City of Mandurah in the early 2000`s.  I Have not changed my position.
Mandurah Charles Bryant
Murray-Wellington Norm Heslington I am opposed to Uranium  mining and believe that nuclear power is DANGEROUS We should be developing and investing in Solar Power,
Nedlands Max Hipkins Opposed to nuclear power – we have the sustainable alternatives. Would prefer not to see uranium mines, but I’m unsure on any current uranium contracts.
Pilbara Brent McKenna
Riverton Joe Delle Donne
Rockingham Matthew Whitfield
South Perth David J Mangini
Vasse Bernie Masters I’m a supporter of nuclear power being used by those countries that require it as a low CO2 source of energy. I also support uranium mining in WA, subject to full EPA assessment and the imposition of appropriate controls and conditions on mining. Yellowcake is a source of only low levels of radiation – it is less radioactive than many of Perth’s gravel-rich soils in the hills suburbs – and poses virtually no risk to employees, people involved in its transport or the general public so I hold no concerns about its export through the state’s ports.Since I do not want to deny West Australians the benefits from nuclear medicine and related products, I do not support a nuclear free WA.  X
Vasse Gary Norden
Warren-Blackwood Louie Scibilia
Willagee Teresa Van Lieshout
Willagee Wayne D. Shortland
Alfred Cove
Independent Candidates  – Legislative Council – the Senate – upper house Name Response Vote for a nuclear free WA?
Mining and Agricultural Region Phillip Gardiner

2 responses to “Independents

  1. I’m an Independent candidate for North Metropolitan Region. I’ve always been opposed to nuclear power. In theory, it’s ideal. In practice, it seems often to work without a problem. But, by it’s when things don’t go as planned, that the catastrophic effect can be the real indicator that we just don’t control it at all. The catastrophes we hear about, such as Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, seem to fade too quickly from people’s minds. Planning was deplorable for the last big disaster – it’s the usual ‘wishful thinking’ that the planners contemplate only for adverse situations that can be control – just because the scale of tsunami which occurred happens infrequently (and it being only back to 1930s that one of similar scale occurred), they want to state that it’s of only small risk. That may be so, in insurance statistics, but what a risk! Fukushima’s been a HUGE catastrophe, and not over yet! It’s an insidious risk – we can’t see radiation.

    • *****

      Hi Douglas. I’m sorry I didn’t get to this before the election. Two days out from the election we were still letter boxing and yes things for all of us were hectic! but no excuse, having embarked on taking this website further I should have been prepared for blogs close to the election. Please except my apology – a few weeks later! Very sorry and even more sorry- rather sad – about the election outcome. But onward we march. Good luck in the future I hope you are not discouraged.

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