At the most recent Labor State Conference in June 2011 the WA Labor party voted for the following policy:

Chapter 4: Economics, Industry and Regional Development

Minerals and Energy

Uranium mining and Nuclear Energy

241. Recognising the hazards and dangers of nuclear power, especially relating to:

a. The safety of the nuclear fuel cycle

b. The unsolved problems pertaining to the reprocessing and storage of radioactive wastes and spent fuel;

c. The growing concern about the biomedical effects of even low radiation

d. The coupling of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons developments

e. The added danger of a future plutonium economy and the threats to civil liberties involved in a nuclear economy; and

f. The fact that Labor policy contained herein on fossil fuels, energy conservation and renewable resources will ensure Western Australia energy self-sufficiency

242. Labor will:

a. Reject nuclear power as an option for electricity generation in Western Australia

b. Oppose the establishment of a nuclear enrichment facility in the State

c. Reject the establishment of nuclear processing plants of the storage of nuclear waste in the state;

d. Allow no uranium mining or development in Western Australia

e. The platform recognises WA long and continuous opposition to uranium mining. The commencement and continuation of any uranium project is inconsistent with Labor policy. Labor will accept no obligation to complete approval processes or honor contractual arrangements entered into by a previous government where such approvals or contracts are directed towards an outcome inconsistent with Labors Platform.

f. place thorium under the restrictions and conditions applicable to the mining, processing, sale, transportation of uranium currently mined in Australia as outlines in the Resources and Energy Section of the National Platform, so far as they relate to nuclear non-proliferation.

In January 2012 Mark McGowan was appointed leader of the Opposition. In his first media conference he announced his personal policy on uranium mining. His policy as outlined in a media release is as follows:

“Under a Labor Government, any mines that have been granted final State approval allowing construction would be permitted to proceed to open, operate and export their products in the same manner as other mining ventures.”

“Further, any mines lawfully approved and under construction will be permitted to open, operate and export their product in the same manner as other mining ventures.

“WA Labor will not grant approvals for any other uranium mines.

“We will launch a broad, sweeping inquiry into the uranium industry which will ensure the highest safety, monitoring and compliance standards are in place on any mine that is unfortunately under construction or approved.”

WA Labor Candidates for the 2013 State Election: When we asked candidates about their position on uranium mining this was their response… 

Labor Candidates  – Legislative Assembly – lower house Name Response  
Member for Albany Mr Peter Watson
Armadale Mr Tony Buti
Balcatta Ms Janet Pettigrew
Bassendean Mr  Dave Kelly I have for a long time opposed the mining and export of Uranium. I have been active in WA Labor forums in support of that position.I was also directly involved in 1998 at the blockade of the Jabiluka mining in the NT. I was arrested for my efforts though the charges were later dropped.The position in WA is now clear.The re-election of a Liberal government will ensure a flourishing uranium mining industry in WA. Only electing a State Labor Government will put any restrictions on mining. At worst one mine may be sufficiently progressed by the election to see it survive a McGowan Government compared to half a dozen if Barnett is elected. But rest assured I will continue to voice my opposition to uranium mining.
Belmont Ms Cassie Rowe
Butler Mr John Quigley
Member for Cannington Mr Bill Johnston
Member for Cockburn Mr Francis Logan
Member for Collie-Preston Mr Mick Murray
Darling Range Mr Barry Urban I support the Labor Party policies on the subject.
Member for Forrestfield Mr Andrew Waddell
Fremantle Ms Simone McGurk
Gerladton Ms Kathryn Mannion
Member for Girrawheen Ms Margaret Quirk
Member Gosnells Mr Chris Tallentire
Jandakott Ms Lara Andric
Member for Joondalup Mr Tony O’Gorman
Kalgoorlie Mr Terrence Winner
Kimberley Mr Josie Farrer
 Member for Kwinana Mr Roger Cook
Member for Mandurah Mr David Templeman I support the position of the WA Labor Party with regard to Uranium Mining. My view does not vary from the Party’s policy position.
Member for Maylands Ms Lisa Baker I do not support uranium mining.
Member for Midland Ms Michelle Roberts
Member for Mindarie Mr John Quigley
Moore Mr Peter Johnson
Morley Mr Reece Whitby
Mt Lawley Mr  Bob Kucera
Member for Nollamara Ms Janine Freeman
North West Central Ms Jennifer Shelton I support the WA Labor Party’s policy on uranium mining.WA Labor does not support uranium mining in WA. However, if Labor forms government next year, we would not seek to shut down uranium mines that have already received all necessary approvals as this would leave the State open to significant compensation claims from those companies.Applications from uranium mining companies that are half way through the approval processes would not be permitted to proceed.I do not believe there should be uranium mining in WA, and would not support such a proposal.
Ocean Reef Ms Phillipa Taylor
Member for Perth Mr John Hyde I support WA Labor’s position against uranium mining. On Vincent Council I helped implement a nuclear-free zone policy. WA should be supporting renewable energy, not nuclear.
Pilbara Ms Kelly Howlett My personal opinion is the same as the WA Labor’s parties policy on Uranium mining.If we are elected to Government on 9 March 2013 we will:1) Not approve any new uranium mines in Western Australia.2) Launch an inquiry into the Uranium Mining industry.3) Not close any mine that will cause the Government to pay compensation to the mining company.
Riverton Ms Hannah Beazley
Member for Rockingham Hon. Mark McGowan
South Perth Mr  Dustin Rafferty
Southern River Ms Susy Thomas
Swan Hills Mr Ian Radisich I support the policy of WA labor with regard to uranium mining, which is;1) Not approve any new uranium mines in Western Australia.
2) Launch an inquiry into the Uranium Mining industry.
3) Not close any mine that will cause the Government to pay compensation to the mining company.I would also like to note that I firmly believe renewable power technologies are the way of the future. We have great access to wind, water and sunshine in this state and making the most of these natural and sustainable resources to generate power is my preference. I would also like to see WA and Australia become leaders in developing technology to further refine methods of clean power generation.
Member for Victoria Park Mr Ben Wyatt
Wanneroo Mr Brett Treby
Member for Warnbro Mr Paul Papalia
Member for Willagee Mr Peter Tinley WA Labor will not approve any new uranium mines. However it will not close mines under construction of granted final State approval allowing construction to proceed to open, operate and export their products like other mining ventures.An inquiry into uranium industry will be held to ensure approved uranium mines, or those under construction, meet high standards of safety, monitoring and compliance.
Member for West Swan Ms Rita Saffioti
Labor Candidates  – Legislative Council – upper house Name Response  
Agriculture Hon. Matt Benson
East Metropolitan Hon. Ljiljanna Ravlich
Mining and Pastoral Region Hon. Helen Bullock
North Metropolitan Hon. Ed Dermer
North Metropolitan Hon. Ken Travers
South Metropolitan Hon. Kate Doust
South Metropolitan Hon. Sue Ellery
South West Hon. Adele Farina
South West Hon. Sally Talbot

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