The Greens policy in unequivocally anti nuclear and pro renewable energy.

The Greens policy in brief… 

There is a strong link between the mining and export of uranium and nuclear weapon proliferation. There are unacceptable environmental, health, security and social risks associated with every facet of the nuclear industry. Future generations must not be burdened with dangerous levels of radioactive waste.

Nuclear power is not a safe, clean, timely, economically viable or practical solution to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and alternatives to nuclear energy exist today which make the nuclear power industry obsolete.

The Greens (WA) call for a complete and permanent ban on the mining, processing, import, export, transport or disposal of any element of uranium product or waste on Western Australian soil.

For their full policy – visit the Greens website here

WA Greens Candidates for the 2013 State Election: When we asked candidates about their position on uranium mining this was their response…    


Greens Candidates  – Legislative Assembly –  lower house Name Response  
Albany Diane Evers I am absolutely against uranium mining. Every step of the process is risky, expensive and unnecessary. If all the public funds which have gone into supporting the uranium/nuclear industry had gone into renewables we would be in a much more energy sufficient position, and we wouldn’t have the issues of nuclear waste and depleted uranium laced arms being spread about the earth by military actions. Nor would we have contaminated sites such Fukushima, Chernobyl and the mines where uranium was originally taken.
Armadale Damon Pages Oliver
Balcatta Sheridan Young
Bassendean Jennie Carter Decades ago I opposed uranium mining and the nuclear energy industry and my views are unchanged today.  In the 1970s I joined the campaign against nuclear energy and rallied in protest as well as becoming an early member of the Nuclear Disarmament Party in support of Jo Vallentine.  I firmly believe that nuclear energy is wasteful, deadly and uneconomic and should have no role to play in any sustainable future for our world.
Bateman Rebecca Leighton  I am absolutely opposed to uranium mining. We need to be directing energy investment into renewable technologies rather than supporting a dangerous and unsustainable industry which will leave lasting environmental consequences.
Belmont Steve Wolff
Bunbury Mitchella Hutchins I do not support Uranium mining  or Nuclear resources in any form as a Wardandi Woman we were taught to hand the Earth over to the Children in better condition than we received it – is Nuclear waste what we want to give the Children of the Future or the wisdom that the Earth should be respected as our only nest. Most animals know not to make a mess of their nest because it will bring sickness to them and their young why are we so blind.
Butler Tom Webster
Cannington Christine Cunningham
Carine Nathalie Cattaneo I am totally committed to a nuclear free WA. Nuclear power is not a safe, clean, timely or economically viable  solution to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and alternatives to nuclear energy exist today.
Churchlands Cameron Pidgeon
Collie Preston Kingsley Gibson I am opposed to the Uranium mining industry because of the unsafe nature of nuclear power and the risk of nuclear weapons being used either by governments or terrorists. It is also clear that the management of nuclear waste is beyond the capability of the industry and this waste will pose a threat to humanity and the environment long after our civilisation has collapsed. In mining uranium we are consigning untold future generations to sickness, disfigurement and death. It is especially stupid when better, cleaner energy alternatives are readily available.
Cottesloe Greg Boland
Forrestfield Peter Burrell
Fremantle Andrew Sullivan The only form of nuclear energy that I support comes direct from the sun. It presents itself in the form of direct sunlight, wind and waves and in such volumes that we can harness all we realistically need. As for the stuff in the ground, that’s where it must stay. Uranium must not become the next ‘fools fossil fuel’. I do not support the development of any nuclear reactors in Australia. I do not support nuclear ships entering our ports or the transport of uranium through them, something I will actively resist happening in Fremantle. I will not make the excuse that easy short term solutions for employment can somehow outweigh the interests of our globe in the long term.  I am greatly disturbed that nuclear reactor technology is promoted as a solution for the energy needs of third world countries. For all those tireless campaigners on the anti-nuclear front, I thank you and plead with you to keep up the great work!!
Geraldton Paul Connolly
Girawheen Saba Kafami
Gosnells Luke Edmonds
 Jadakot John Haynes
 Joondalup Britanny Young
Kalamunda Toni Warden
Kimberley Chris Maher I am totally committed to a nuclear free WA. I oppose the current governments spending of $1million supporting uranium exploration.
Kingsley Jason Boudville The ‘risk legacy’ of mining, processing, and storage of uranium does not fall into a single human lifetime but rather that of geological time: millions of years. The half-life decay of radioactive waste for safe transport, storage and monitoring poses too great a risk for not only Western Australia but also the earth. I am also aware of the need to move towards non-reactor based radioactive materials for medical imaging, assays and therapy. I am opposed to uranium mining in Western Australia, as I believe the ultra-long term risks and responsibilities have not been considered.
Kwinana Iwan Boskamp
Maylands Dee O’Neill
Midland Pippa Tandy
Mirabooka Mark Cooper
Morley Sally Palmer
Mt Lawley Tim Clifford I am unequivocally opposed to the use and application of nuclear weapons and energy. Further more, I am horrified that the state Labor party would support following through with the Liberal parties uranium mining endeavours. Why would we go nuclear if we already have a safe, environmentally friendly and relatively low cost alternative in concentrated solar energy?
Nedlands George Crisp
Ocean Reef Mary O’Byrne  I concur with Greens Senator Scott Ludlam’s position on uranium mining: ‘That alternatives to nuclear energy exist today which make the nuclear power industry obsolete’. I do not want any uranium mining in Australia
Perth Jonathan Hallett Nuclear power is not a safe, clean, timely, economically viable or practical solution to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions. I also have particular concerns about the health impacts of uranium mining on workers and local communities. There are alternatives to nuclear energy that exist right now and make the nuclear industry redundant. Clean renewable energy should be the focus of industry and government to ensure a secure and sustainable energy source for our state.
Pilbara Julie Matherson I wrote a submission to the Federal Govt against the dumping and storage of nuclear waste in Australia.  I have been against uranium mining after  researching concerns raised by Aboriginal people.  Until Aboriginal people advise otherwise I will not be supporting the mining of uranium otherwise known as ‘sickness country’.
Riverton Mr Marcus Atkinson I am absolutely opposed to uranium mining. It is an industry that has no place in creating a sustainable future  and it will ultimately leave us with radioactive waste lasting thousands of generations.
Rockingham Dawn Jecks As founder of the Rockingham Antinuclear group I am totally opposed to the mining of uranium and I am strongly committed to a nuclear free WA. Every stage of the nuclear fuel chain poses health and security risks. Uranium mining leads to weapons and waste. The health impacts of uranium mining on workers and local communities is of great concern to me.   Nuclear power is dirty, dangerous and outdated. Our future is with renewable energy which is safe, plentiful and sustainable.
Scarborough Judy Cullity I am totally committed to a nuclear free WA.  Uranium mining pollutes our environment with both toxic, radioactive wastes and substantial carbon dioxide pollution.  Not only is nuclear power very dangerous, it doesn’t  even make sense economically. There have been much fewer nuclear plants built in the past couple of decades. And since the Fukushima accident the number of new ones in the pipeline have reduced.  It has no future but leaves an ongoing deadly legacy into the future.
South Perth Peter Best Massive contamination in 2011 in Fukushima, Japan demonstrated that nuclear power is extremely dangerous, even in the most tightly regulated environments. Other events in  the same country in 1945 demonstrated the horrific outcomes of military application of nuclear technology. The current border standoff between nuclear powers, India and Pakistan, demonstrates that there is serious potential for yet more destruction with such applications. In 1986 Chernobyl contaminated most of Europe, leaving a trail of damage including a current flood of cancers in innocent people. It would be dishonest of us in WA to supply nuclear materials and claim any moral distance from their application. Just vote NO to Nuclear.
Vasse Michael Baldock
Victoria Park Sarah Newbold The environmental, health, security and social risks associated with the nuclear uranium industry are far too high.  I fully support a complete and permanent ban on the mining, processing, import, export, transport or disposal of any element of uranium product or waste on Western Australian soil.  I am committed to increasing the use of safe, sustainable and renewable energy sources, to ensure the safety and security of our future generations.
Wagin Shirley Collins
Waneroo Dr Rob Phillips
Warnbro Jordan Steele – John I fully support the Greens policy on nuclear issues.
Warren Blackwood Nerilee Boshammer I am utterly opposed to anything to do with the exploration, mining, storage or use of uranium. The fact that our current sitting government is entertaining the idea of uranium mining needs to be made very clear to the public, so that they know how little their interests and the interests of our environment are considered in the face of short term profit.
West Swan Peter Leam
Willagee Alisha Ryans-Taylor Having lectured and tutored in engineering for sustainable development, I remain convinced that uranium mining is an unsafe and unsustainable practice. The impacts of extraction, the problems with safe transit, the potential for creating nuclear weapons, and the mammoth task of creating secure waste storage options for 1,000’s of years after its use makes uranium an unviable source material for our future. Keep it in the ground.
Green Candidates  – Legislative Council – upper house
Agricultural Region Andrew Huntley Renewable Energy has the potential to supply the entire world’s energy needs – there is absolutely no need to expose the people of W.A. to the risks associated with Uranium Mining or Nuclear Waste Dumps.
East Metro Hon. Alison Xamon I am completely opposed to the nuclear cycle from beginning to end.  Uranium mining is inherently deadly and ultimately immoral; it kills people now and will kill numerous people generations into the future.  Whether it ends up in nuclear power plants or nuclear weapons the deadly, sickening poisonous outcome remains the same.  
East Metro Glenice Smith
East Metro David Bromfield
Mining and Pastoral Hon. Robin Chapple The only way to safeguard against the destructive powers of the nuclear industry is to leave uranium in the ground.  I am committed to a nuclear free WA and completely opposed to the mining of uranium. As we experience the damaging effects of human induced climate change more and more, we must turn our backs on polluting industries and invest in developing renewable energy.
North Metro Cameron Poustie  
North Metro Rebecca Brown
North Metro Diana Mac Tiernan
South Metro Hon. Lynn MacLaren There are safe and efficient alternatives to nuclear power. The negative impacts of using uranium far outweigh any perceived benefits. In my view no uranium should be mined or transported in Australia. It’s a cruel joke to think that Australia’s uranium exports won’t end up in nuclear weapons or that nuclear energy plants are safe. Sadly, no-one can be protected against disasters as in Fukushima and Chernobyl. There’s no future in the nuclear industry.  
South West Hon. Giz Watson The nuclear chain from mining uranium to production of highly toxic radioactive waste is hazardous to people and the planet. It is also an extraordinary waste of resources when we should be investing in renewable sources of energy. I will do all I can to keep WA free of uranium mining.  
South West Hsien Harper I support Giz Watson’s view the nuclear chain, from start to finish, is hazardous to people and the planet. I believe the risks are too severe for us to hook into any link in the chain, especially when alternatives exist.

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